​​Nanaimo Lifeline

A Nanaimo & District Hospital Foundation Social Enterprise

 Nanaimo Lifeline Check-In Program   

The fast, easy, affordable way to check on your loved one while you’re away.

Call Us:  +1.2507395770

As family / caregiver, you stay in contact with your loved one on a regular basis to ensure their needs are being met.

But what if you are out of town on business, on vacation or for any reason unable to make those calls that your loved one counts on?

For one low cost per call, the Nanaimo Lifeline ‘Check-In Service’  is an affordable way to get the additional peace of mind you and your loved one are looking for.

With the Check-In service, we check in on your loved one when you cannot. They will receive friendly, caring personal calls and will be assessed whether they require assistance. If they do, we immediately take the necessary steps to get it for them.

The Nanaimo Lifeline ‘Check-In Service’  is flexible too ! Choose one, two or three calls per day and schedule the calls at the times that best suit your loved one’s needs.

Best of all, with Check-In you’ll know your loved one is in good hands because Lifeline is the leading medical alert service for seniors in Canada.

How the Nanaimo Lifeline ‘Check-In Service’ works

1.     The Check-In call is made
Your loved one receives a friendly, caring personal call once, twice or three times a day as directed by you, at the times you choose.

2.     We check on your loved one’s well-being
We have a brief, friendly conversation with your loved one. We check on their well-being and whether they require assistance. If all is well, we say goodbye until the next call.

3.     Help if needed
If we determine that your loved one is in distress and requires assistance, we immediately call the contact person you have designated or emergency services, depending on your loved one’s needs.

Check-In service is available to Lifeline and and non Lifeline clients.

The Check-In service is easy to set up.
​To sign up or for more information call 
1-250-739-5770 or email lifeline@nanaimohospitalfoundation.com.