Current Volunteer Opportunities:

Nanaimo Lifeline and Project Lifesaver volunteers help seniors live safely and contribute thousands of hours each year!

Our volunteers are the backbone of our program. Without them we would not be able to provide the service to our clients in the efficient and friendly way that we do.

Nanaimo Lifeline and Project Lifesaver volunteers install equipment in the homes of our clients, handle routine maintenance calls and visit clients to help ensure they are comfortable with the system.

Other volunteers help out in the office with routine calls to clients to test the equipment, prepare and mail birthday cards to clients, scrapbooking our photo albums and other tasks that help take some of the routine tasks from the shoulders of our busy office staff.

​​Nanaimo Lifeline

A Nanaimo & District Hospital Foundation Social Enterprise

A- Lifeline Home Service Representative - Install Lifeline equipment and handle maintenance calls.

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