​​Nanaimo Lifeline

A Nanaimo & District Hospital Foundation Social Enterprise

Call Us:  +1.2507395770

Cost of Service
Initial transmitter and startup costs $300.00
Maintenance $25.00/month

Parksville/Qualicum: 250-947-8213

Saving Lives...One Bracelet at a Time!
Project Lifesaver may be the answer to wandering concerns for individuals with alzheimer's disease, dementia, autism, down syndrome, developmental disorders and brain injury.

How it Works
Project Lifesaver places personalized radio transmitters on identified persons.

In the event of the wearer wandering, the caregiver notifies local RCMP stipulating that the lost person is a client of Project Lifesaver.

RCMP will then notify Arrowsmith Search and Rescue who has the technology to locate the transmitters' signal in a much shorter length of time than traditional lost person searches.

Fully trained local volunteers will come to your home to place the transmitter on the person.

These volunteers will also perform regular maintenance visits ensuring the equipment is in good working order at all times.

A call to the Nanaimo Lifeline office will answer any questions about the responsibilities of the caregiver.

About Project Lifesaver
Nanaimo Lifeline Program is partnering with Arrowsmith Search and Rescue to bring Project Lifesaver to the residents of Oceanside and surrounding areas. Project Lifesaver is a public safety program designed to protect and locate missing persons due to wandering. Project Lifesaver has been the answer for over 2,600 searches internationally.

Arrowsmith Search & Rescue